We are thrilled and humbled to have earned the top spot on PPAI’s #Online18: Promo’s Best Organizations On Social Media list.

But beyond the really wonderful recognition, it was what the good people at PPAI said about us that truly touched our hearts.

“The magic about Brand Fuel is that this distributor never takes itself too seriously and that shines through on its social media pages. Brilliant! Viewers can expect not only witty content that’s worth sharing but also thoughtful, purposeful posts that get people thinking.

We love to read activity updates on the many nonprofits and causes the company supports as well as the occasional, unexpected post (a high school football team photo featuring the two co-owners that was posted just prior to the Super Bowl).

Brand Fuel knows exactly what its brand looks like and sounds like, and its social media posts are a mirror image. From the likes on these pages, we are not the only ones to find its content so refreshing.”

-PPAI Media

Our friends at commonsku followed up with a good question:

QUESTION: “What do you think is the key for a promotional products organization to be successful on social media?”

ANSWER: “In a highly commoditized industry, full of incredible brandable products that everyone has access to, we try and think (and act) beyond the product on social media. We are trying to build community and develop loyal fans by featuring culture, creativity, fun, beauty, partnerships, humor, strategy, and caring. Ultimately, we hope to be a force for good. We want to bring customers, employees, vendor partners, families, and communities along for that ride.”

Here are some of our favorite posts:

The story: https://media.ppai.org/ppai-newslink/the-online18-promo-s-best-organizations-on-social-media/

Thank you, PPAI, and congrats to all of our creative peers (aka “brand crushes”) who also made the list. What an honor, privilege – and responsibility.