Ten years ago we created a video to explain what the fairly unknown QR code was. At the time, conventional wisdom said that QR codes were going the way of the Dodo bird. We were hoping to show how the then ridiculed QR code could be a powerful tool.

To us, QR Codes were the perfect way to bridge physical (think gifts, in-person experiences, food and of course, branded merchandise) and the growing digital world. We even doubled down on merging digital marketing with our physical merchandise world with a focus on “PHYGITAL” marketing. We believe “phygital” marketing is a BIG part of marketing’s future.

On a lighter note, if this blog were an Electric Company episode, two profile silhouettes would say “Phy-gital.” Ha.

“I can hear this picture.” – Eric Granata, Brand Fuel CTO

It makes us smile to see that our ten-year-old QR code love story, marketing effort stood the test of time. Fire up your flux capacitor and flashback to 2011 with us:

Our 2011 QR Code Video is a Love Story.

…and if you test the 2011 QR code (with our embedded logo) in the video, it still works!

Yes, you can brand QR codes!

All of this is to say that there are always silver linings. Welcome back, QR Codes. And, thanks, Covid.