Sales Coordinator

Taunya was born in the Midwest, but grew up as a military brat overseas. Lots of foreign countries and moves gave her a unique perspective on life. In high school, she was voted best dancer her senior year, and she ran cross-country and track. She worked her way through college and earned a Fine Arts AA and a certificate in Graphic Design.

Her passions are trail-riding her horse in the country away from the city and painting.

Taunya likes to cook, watch action adventure movies, listen to loud music, dance and eat chocolate.

Phone: 757.627.6076

Email: taunyat@brandfuel.com

Causes: Taunya is an animal lover and supports a local humane society.

Favorite Sport: Ice hockey.

Pet Peeve: Shopping carts that don’t find their way back to the proper place.

Skill No One Else Knows About: She’s pretty accurate with a pistol.

Favorite Song: “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.