Zoom call of BrandFuel team

Let me start by sharing that I’m new to the Brand Fuel family and to the promotional product industry. Early on, I made a goal to be completely open to ANYTHING that’s thrown my way at my job. Working in an office for the first time in 8 years was a huge change, and now that we’ve all been WFH since March, let’s just say it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Regardless, each day continues to bring on something new and interesting.

When the quarantine started, co-Presidents Danny and Robert, invited us to something conspicuously called, “Quaranteambuilding.” We were instructed to grab anything Brand Fuel branded that could be used to created sounds (imagine mugs, pens, reusable straws, bottle openers, journals, etc.). I kept thinking, “What in the world are we doing and how will it all come together?” Because we are such a laid-back company, they scheduled a “Happy Hour,” so everyone was able to enjoy an adult beverage. As for me, Queen of the White Claws, I cracked open a black cherry and it was game-on!BrandFuel employee Annette Trayer holding a White Claw Hard Seltzer

On Zoom, our staff was introduced to Mike McKee, drummer from Delta Rae (!!). He and his business partner, Adam, got us amped up for what we were about to rock. We were each given specific actions that were used to create a video that would have a Quarantine parody song playing in the background. In the end, it really looked like we were the musicians for the song! You will see me punching the screen. Naturally, I was all for that.

Check it out here:

Zoom call of the BrandFuel team

The whole eXperience was so fun for our company. We all got to laugh our butts off while we did our best to follow instructions when many of us are not musically inclined. We got to kick back and enjoy a beer while bonding – even if it was thru Zoom. It was unique and something meaningful for our “together but distant” team to do TOGETHER. It worked.

This eXperience was a huge step in the direction of still being able to work together, virtually, and build something that showed how much a squad and family we still are even during this weird time. This truly is a fun way to help keep WFH forces connected to each other. If you are interested in a team-building eXperience, we can help. Check it out HERE.

In this strange time, it’ll be interesting to see what new and creative products and services will be invented to keep the teambuilding and spirits healthy. I know Brand Fuel will be on the front lines of that.

Zoom call of the BrandFuel team dancing

Newbie, signing out!

Annette Trayer, Coordinator