Danny Robert Partners

Robert Fiveash and Danny Rosin invest in partnership retreats twice a year. Some retreats are spent in exotic places like exit 12, off US 58 in South Hill, VA at The Shoney’s. Sometimes, they do that important Brand Fuel strategic planning at one of their homes where, inevitably, one of their tweeny daughters interrupts us and asks, “What is that you both do every day?” That’s always reassuring.

Sure, they work on strategy, vision, goals, SWOT, budgeting and all that. Yet it is two simple questions they always ask each other before they jumpstart the “strategery.”

Question #1: “Do you want to keep doing what we’re doing?”
Question #2: “Do you want to keep doing it with me?”

After almost 20 years leading Brand Fuel together in the exciting, growing and challenging promotional products industry, coupled with over 30 years of friendship, it is with great pride that they are beating the “don’t go into business with your friends” odds and that both answers continue to be “yes.”

Thank you for continuing to trust that our incredibly talented team of Brand Fuelians will take care of you and your brand.