Can you save the world with promotional products? Yes.

From the homeless person you pass everyday on your way to work, to the literacy program in desperate need of books, to the local children without coats or shoes, there are numerous ways to make a difference with the help of promotional products. At Brand Fuel, we call it the business of benevolence or BrandGood.

“Brand” and “Good” are two simple words that when combined, create a new way for organizations to brand themselves and help the communities in which they serve.

How BrandGood generally works:

1) Find out if your company has a wellness committee. If you don’t, work with Human Resources to create one.
2) Decide what in the community is important to your organization. Where do you want to make a difference?
3) Work with area nonprofits to coordinate team building exercises that will support their cause.
4) Use branded product and apparel to encourage participation and recognize participants. (Brand Fuel can show you the best motivators)
5) Rinse and repeat. Touch the community in a different way each time in order to keep interest levels high. Involve employee family members and involve your vendors and your clients.

ROX (Return on Experience)

  • Do something wonderful and important in the community
  • Improve morale (and hopefully productivity)
  • Strengthen employee loyalty
  • Get employees to know each other outside of the office

Want to find out how Brand Fuel can help your organization with a little BrandGood, Contact Us.