We’re All Desperately Seeking It

Pull, Pack, Ship. Like the gas stations of yesteryear, we are full-service. Brand Fuel offers two types of fulfillment. First, we offer order fulfillment, warehousing, product distribution, and kitting services to clients across the world. Second, we offer the type of fulfillment that is connected to satisfaction and happiness. By focusing on process, technology and customer service, our customers can then focus on their businesses rather than worry about shipping products or managing inventory.



      • 360,000+ Shipments Annually
      • Same Day Ship Programs
      • International Shipping
      • Bulk Mailings & Kitting Projects
      • Secure Storage
      • Seamless Order Fulfillment
      • One-Time Fulfillment Projects and Personalization
      • Real-time Status and Order Tracking 24/7/365
      • Literature Fulfillment
      • We handle all Customer Service
      • Bar-Coding and RFID
      • EDI and Payment Processing
      • Ecommerce Fulfillment
      • Quality Control, Insurance and High SLA Standards
      • Repackaging / Relabeling
      • Holiday, Back-to-School, and Special Promotions


      • 42,000 sq. ft. Warehouse with 5 Loading Docks
      • Climate-controlled Storage
      • Pallet Receiving and Handling
      • 20 Miles from RDU International Airport
      • Access to Major East Coast Ports
      • Registered with NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      • FDA registered

Green Policies:
Our warehouse works hard to minimize our impact on the environment and we’re constantly improving. Here’s just a few things we do – all part of our “Go Green Initiative”.


We have a recycling partnership with one of the world’s largest recycling companies. On any given year, we recycle approximately 148.85 tons of cardboard and over 1,200 pounds of plastics!


All cardboard we purchase is manufactured locally with 100% recycled materials – AND- we also buy all of our earth friendly cleaning products locally.


We literally re-use tons of packaging materials. We save all inbound packaging materials – from styrofoam peanuts to air bags. We re-use like new cartons and recycle the rest. If we run out of re-usable filler material, we use unprinted on newspaper spools collected from a local paper company.

We think “Green” is more than politics – being responsible is something we think is important, in our business and in our lives.