Get More Qualified Sales Leads!

Let’s be honest. Our industry supplies branded promotional products to drive traffic at events, but a lot of these giveaways picked up by adult trick-or-treaters, end up in the hotel trashcan. Businesses buy them because it is the thing to do, often without rhyme or reason. Giveaways can be a pain to lug around, pack in a suitcase and often times, they are cheap and functionless. This is a waste of budget and misrepresentation of your brand.

How can Virtual Swag help?
Check out this video, starring some of our Brand Fuelians, and learn more.

Virtual Swag helps clients qualify leads properly, manage budget on giveaways, and provide quality premiums that are delivered after your event.

How Does Virtual Swag Work?

A handful of branded premium samples are showcased at your event. A quick survey through badge scan API helps you gather business intel.  In exchange for answers to the survey, prospects are offered a premium, which is shipped after the event. You no longer guess how many items you need to have on hand at your events. Premiums are delivered in a more personalized manner, with marketing collateral – allowing your sales team to begin the sales cycle with qualified leads.

Benefits of Virtual Swag:

No More Lame Trinkets and Trash

  1. Better assess and target key prospects
  2. Quick data capture for business intelligence
  3. Create demand through high end v. cheap giveaways
  4. Offer more than just one giveaway option
  5. Budget Effectively
  6. Manage inventory by having what you need v. what you think you need
  7. Simplify giveaway process onsite so you can focus on interaction
  8. Give sales team real leads v. unqualified leads
  9. Add another prospect touch with post event mailing
  10. Guarantee that your prospects receive your branded premiums

Interested in exploring how managing promo spend and focusing on ROI with Virtual Swag might work for your organization? Contact Us