BrandFuel employee Blake Waller looking over his shoulder

After 2 months, Brand Fuelians started coming back to showrooms and offices, in shifts, with masks and all of the antimicrobial pens and hand sanitizer one can muster. But before this long-awaited reunion, we had one warrior who went in daily, ensuring things ran smoothly. And we can’t stop laughing.

This is a brief visual account of my early days in the NC office – by myself. Witness my slip-slide into madness.

BrandFuel employee Blake Waller sitting on the floor with his arms crossed over his knees

Day #1: Alone. So alone. The silence is deafening, made only more potent by the ancient phonograph, no longer functional. A marker of the people who now have gone.

BrandFuel employee Blake Waller looking over his shoulder

Day #4: Am I alone? I see faces all around- brief flashes of an alien intelligence, gazing at me in the dark once my back has turned. I turn on all the lights, and the specters reveal themselves as harmless figures. At least, until the lights go off again…

BrandFuel employee Blake Waller examining a statue of the BrandFuel logo

Day #9: I have forgotten the civilization of the before times. I wander lost, humming to myself to fill the quiet, and come upon strange artifacts of unknown purpose. What can this be? Perhaps a war trophy from a hard-won battle? Or maybe a totem of some obscure religion.

BrandFuel employee Blake Waller bowing down to a copy machine

Day #13: Lost in the maze, I come across an intricate temple: it unfolds before me into impossible, arcane geometry. I have found the holy place. This is my god now. Here, I shall receive purpose. Seek me no more, for I am home.

It is so nice to be human with my people again.

Blake Waller, Brand Fuel’s Director of First Impressions