Reaching your WFH audience has never been more important.

When Covid-19 blindsided the world (and the Branded Merchandise Industry), clients had to decide whether they wanted to try and stay in touch with their audience(s) during the uncertainty. But soon, as the pandemic stretched on, the question shifted from if to how.

Thankfully, we were able to respond to the needs of Marketers and HR managers, Development Directors and even healthcare workers by creating a program that simplifies the complex world of kitting and fulfillment.

Before Covid-19, you might have engaged Brand Fuel to help create additional enthusiasm around a new product launch. Typically, we’d deliver thoughtful branded gear in bulk, and your team would distribute the goods at HQ. Today, with many of your team at home, HQ is a ghost town.

Today, hundreds of clients have asked us to help them connect with their audience (employees, customers, students, etc.) since they can’t be in person. They’re now engaging their audience in a much more memorable, personal and thoughtful way. 

  • Did you used to have in-person VIP events for large customers? We can now ship golf kits (Titleist Pro V1 balls, markers, Callaway gloves, range finder, etc.) and brewery kits (glass mug, coasters, bottle opener, etc.) directly to your buyers so that the connection stays strong.
  • Remember taking everyone out for drinks at the annual tradeshow in Mandalay Bay? Now, we’ll send everyone specialty drink recipes with custom branded edible sugar toppers, along with a coffee table photo book of Vegas with customized insert, and engraved highball glasses.
  • Did your company enjoy awarding extra PTO to hard-working employees who went above and beyond? Let us bring the vacation to the backyard with kits containing branded hammocks, Maui Jim sunglasses, mosquito repellant, and Aloe Up sunscreen.
  • Was your client touch program invested in lunches and meet-ups after work? Our strategy to keep the “love” alive through our Love Bottle Campaign will show them you care about them and the environment.

Check out more IDEAS HERE and HERE

Kitting not only allows you to stay in touch with customers and drive sales, but it can also create real efficiencies in your organization:

  1. Saves time – we will handle fulfillment, taking that off of your plate
  2. Reduces shipping costs – we will secure bulk shipping rates
  3. Saves space – we can store your kits (and bulk items before they’re kitted)

And kitting can establish a real connection with your audience:

  1. Unboxing experiences – we will help deliver eXperiences in a box to drive activation!
  2. Creates more opportunities for messaging – printed packages, personal cards, and consistent branding tells a better story
  3. Offers people choice – we can create pre-assembled kits (same for all), or customized kits that allow the user to build the kit to their preferences

In a perfect world, kitting would be free! J But the enhanced impact outweighs the added cost of custom boxes and fulfillment (pull, pack, and ship).

We’ll handle strategy, design, budgeting, the chaos of fulfillment/distribution, and execution. You get to take care of doing more important things on your “To-Do” list. Contact us today!

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