Welcome to our Guess the Album contest.

We love music. Music is connection. Music gets us through the day. From Bob Marley to Biz Markie, Tay to Bey, you’ll find music playing in our offices every day.  

In this contest, check out the image snippets of album covers we love. Your mission is to unlock the melodies hidden within these snippets and guess the band and album’s name!

September 2023 – Can You Guess this Album?

This album is one of Eric Granata, our CTO’s favorites.

Think you’ve cracked the code? Let the music lead you to victory!

Click the link below to submit your brilliant guesses, including both the album name and the name of the artist or band.

Your Bodacious Brand Fuel Prize*

Contest Rules & Terms:

  1. Submit guesses to BrandFuelAlbumContest@brandfuel.com to participate.
  2. Include the music album name AND the artist or band name.
  3. The contest closes on the last day of each month at 11:59PM EST.
  4. Prizes for Top 5: The first five participants with correct guesses will receive a prize.
  5. Open to All Brand Fuel Friends: You do not have to be a customer to play or win!
  6. US Participants Only: The contest is exclusively open to participants with a US mailing address.
  7. Thank you for playing!!

*Have too many cool tees and notebooks already? Let us know your favorite local non-profit organization, and we’ll make a donation on your behalf instead.

We look forward to connecting your musical expertise to great giveaways!