With 25 years of brand merchandising experience, we hope you find some value (and humor) in these tips. We promise they’ll improve your results…

1. Promote your brand so recipients say, “Wow!” and “Smart!” and “Righteous!”

2. Protect your brand.

3. Marketing is about building real relationships. Love your clients through thick and thin.

4. Recognize employees for a job well done.

5. Respect the environment.

6. Don’t purchase solely based on price. Invest in the most creative option that best fits your objectives.

7. Provide giveaways at events, but never publicly ridicule adult trick-or-treaters who hoard more than the allotted swag.

8. Forge long-lasting business partnerships that might just become friendships.

9. Promise not to buy foam stress relievers in silly shapes that will end up as brandfill.

10. Prepare and prevent v. repair and repent. Plan ahead!

11. Promote good health and wellness for your staff.

12. Take risks with promo product campaigns. After all, there’s a little Evel Knievel in each of us.