At Brand Fuel, we are questioning and addressing not only how we deal with local and global sustainability but also how our industry will deal with this in coming years; and what this means from our supply chain to our own company ethics, to our end-client needs and end-consumers expectations.

In the same way that we believe there will only be a future for businesses who adapt to the new digital age, we also believe that there will only be a future for businesses who commit to sustainability.

We believe we must move from WHERE we produce, WHAT we produce, HOW we produce and WHO produces to an additional concern: WHY we produce? By making BETTER product choices and improving our supply chain, we will create a more Sustainable Promotional Products Industry.

Our RECOMMENDATIONS for Sustainable, Purpose-Driven & Effective campaigns:

As we have shown, with the right idea, the right product and the right execution, promotional product campaigns can be VERY powerful AND sustainable. We will ask our clients the right questions to guide them to make better and more informed choices. To ensure your branded gear is not “BrandFill.”

Click HERE for more insights and case studies. And click HERE for what Responsible Sourcing means to us.

We recommend an unwavering focus on:

  • AUDIENCE (WHO is going to be receiving your item?)
  • PURPOSE (WHY are you giving it to them?)
  • INTENT (WHAT is your desired outcome?)

The first step towards more SUSTAINABLE items: is simply more MEANINGFUL and HIGH-QUALITY giveaways.

The best way to ensure something is SUSTAINABLE is to ensure it will be APPRECIATED, USED, KEPT and CHERISHED.

With our international partners in IPPAG, we are committed to doing this work. Let’s start a conversation, deepen the thought process, and make better decisions together. JOIN US! #ONTRACKFORYOURBRAND

Read more on our Guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility: Striving for Better