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It’s time to do something
worth remembering.

Brand Fuel coordinates the selection, design, decoration, production, and delivery of socially responsible branded merchandise that recipients covet.

We believe that ON the desk is better than IN the desk.

We admit that 30% of promotional merchandise is junk. Brand Fuel's goal is to find out the "WHY" behind your search. And we will do all we can to ensure that what you buy from us does not end up as "brandfill." Heck, our Account Managers know that they could get fired if they sell you banana-shaped stress relievers.

Treasured, not trashed.

We define SWAG as “Serendipitous Wondrous Audacious Giveaways.”

Don't spend your valuable time searching.

We do the work! Set up a free 30-minute "BRAVEstorming" session with our team.