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Our team’s favorite promotional products

Jacque Anthony Mini USB Mobile Phone Fan “This handy 3-in-1 Fan is like a breath of fresh air when I’m out walking on a hot day or sitting at my...Read More

Business Lessons from a Yard Sale

1. Successful negotiation can be a confidence builder. Hanging back and watching your 14-year-old daughter put on her best “sad face” is a real treat. Yard sale negotiations make for…

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Who is Your Ideal Customer? A Team-Building Activity.

I am always on the lookout for ways to develop a stronger team. To create outlets to put technology away and learn from human interaction. One team-building activity is to…

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What Do New Tariffs Mean For You & Me?

Co-President Robert Fiveash shares recent changes and impacts on Tariffs in this Open Letter to Brand Fuel’s valued clients. Friends of Brand Fuel, The deepening trade war between the U.S….

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Your Logo Has No Meaning.

A company’s logo is becoming less and less important. A brand, however, is what companies should invest in if they want to truly connect with customers.   First, a little…

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Greatest Places to Work Recipe: Our People

We are so honored to be recognized as one of the “Greatest Place to Work.” The recipe for Brand Fuel’s culture is our people who are caring, irreverent, creative, fun,…

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At Brand Fuel, We Believe…

…in combining creativity with commitment. We believe in dismantling the routine, in building something purposeful. We believe a higher-quality t-shirt will be worn on date night – not to mow…

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Listening. The Most Powerful Skill In Marketing.

Co-President Danny Rosin spoke on the power of listening at the recent High Five Conference. Here are a few of Danny’s professional ‘Q-Tips’ on listening: Q-Tip 1: Keep an open…

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How to Create an Emotionally Secure Workplace

Cultivating an emotionally secure work environment at Brand Fuel is a non-negotiable. This is something I have come to respect over 20 years of co-owning/co-running this place. Admittedly, I have…

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Old Business v. New Business: 27 Changes

From globalization to technology, today’s successful companies are adapting and embracing rapid change. I’ve witnessed a lot of change in almost 30 years in business and I’ve found that comparisons with old…

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