Share Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Plan

In our all-company meeting, there was consensus that Brand Fuel is an open, welcoming organization. And that we always try to do the right thing, especially when it is hard….

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A New Vibe for the Virginia Office

A year or so back, we realized that 8 of the 10 of us in the Virginia office lived in Virginia Beach….but our office was in Norfolk. Imagine the impact…

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Alone. So Alone in the Office.

After 2 months, Brand Fuelians started coming back to showrooms and offices, in shifts, with masks and all of the antimicrobial pens and hand sanitizer one can muster. But before…

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A Virtual Team Building eXperience. Thoughts from the Newbie…

Let me start by sharing that I’m new to the Brand Fuel family and to the promotional product industry. Early on, I made a goal to be completely open to…

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Fueling Resilience, a Brand Fuel Update

We are thinking about you during a time when our fates are truly linked. When compassion, altruism, patience and action–or in some cases, inaction–matter most. There is no doubt that…

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A Guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility: Striving for Better

Now that we have more than 2 decades of experience running a business, we realize we still have some work to do in becoming an organization our parents, kids, communities,…

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Vote with Your Dollars: Promotional Products with a Positive Impact

We teach our kids to be kind. To sit with the new kid at lunch. To recycle that milk carton. Company behavior should be no different. Companies should be more…

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Our favorite promo products

Our team’s favorite promotional products

Jacque Anthony Mini USB Mobile Phone Fan “This handy 3-in-1 Fan is like a breath of fresh air when I’m out walking on a hot day or sitting at my...Read More

Business Lessons from a Yard Sale

1. Successful negotiation can be a confidence builder. Hanging back and watching your 14-year-old daughter put on her best “sad face” is a real treat. Yard sale negotiations make for…

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Who is Your Ideal Customer? A Team-Building Activity.

I am always on the lookout for ways to develop a stronger team. To create outlets to put technology away and learn from human interaction. One team-building activity is to…

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