Do Good - Psychological Law of Reciprocity Blog

Do good in the world, not out of fear for hell or reward of heaven, but because it feels better not to be a jerk.

Let me start by saying that I am a believer in the power of karma, kismet and Hello Kitty. And I love this saying: Try to do good in the…

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World's Only SWAG Lottery Machine

World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine. Say What??!!

  UPDATE: 1/18/17 – Brand Fuel wins PPAI’s National Marketing Award for the Swag Lottery Machine! See the World’s Only Swag Lottery Machine in action! And check out these great shots of…

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High Five Conference 2016

Top Marketing + Design Conference Hits Raleigh in March

Do you have a flair for Marketing? Design? Both? If you answered “yes,” it’s high time you venture over to your budget-holding counterparts, bypass the “I’m too busy” alibis and…

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Product Video Can Evel Jump It

Can Evel Jump It? Evel Knievel Dares to Jump Brand Fuel’s Power Bank AC Adaptor

Marketing in a crowded, distracting world to get attention is incredibly challenging. So, our team decided to take a chance and inject one of our childhood heroes, Evel Knievel, into…

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golden retriever scottish hooligan mashup

A Letter to the Brand Fuel Sales Team

Sales Team- Another year is going into the Brand Fuel books so we get to measure ourselves against our past performances and goals. How did you do? If you are…

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Promotional Products Blooper Reel: “The event planner was mortified…”

Remember the story about the school that ran an anti-drug campaign by printing and distributing “Too Cool to Do Drugs” pencils to students? When the pencils were sharpened, they read…

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A Crash Course in New Decoration on Apparel

You’ve been charged to come up with a sharp, branded apparel item to engage new customers. You want classy but on trend to create maximum impact yet have longevity. How…

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The Riddler

Riddle Me This! Musings on Customer Relationships

After a decade in the Promo business, there isn’t a situation I haven’t encountered—volcanic ash delaying a dated event delivery. A shipping crisis I haven’t faced: “We will have to…

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Best Places Thoughts

Simply having a dog at work does not breed an awesome culture; matter of fact, it might bring fleas. Trying to have a “Best Place to Work” really isn’t about…

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Be Brave

Buyers today are tired of the ordinary; they want an experience and to be entertained. Every year, Brand Fuel brings a mantra to life for our sales team. For example, we…

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