Product Video Can Evel Jump It

Marketing in a crowded, distracting world to get attention is incredibly challenging. So, our team decided to take a chance and inject one of our childhood heroes, Evel Knievel, into a feature product video.

Why Evel Knievel? He never backed down from a challenge. We also wanted to honor this unwavering optimist, self-promoter extraordinaire, media genius, enigmatic folk hero, and American legend. He is the reason WHY we recommend to our clients to Be Brave with their brands every day.

We salute the accomplishments of America’s Legendary Daredevil, Last of the Gladiators, King of the Stuntmen, Patriot of Promotions….

But will he make it over one of Brand Fuel’s hottest tech gadgets – The Zoom Power Anode power bank with AC adapter? Watch and find out. And to get the 411 on the Zoom Anode, email us!