Brand Fuel has had the privilege of working with thousands of clients worldwide, in industries as diverse as communications, technology, entertainment, new media, travel, food service, sports marketing, public relations, pharmaceutical, consulting, accounting, education, non-profits, healthcare, biotechnology, gaming, utilities, and even a clothing-optional RV park on the west coast. We have been a part of launching new brands, expanding corporate identities, and introducing new products to the marketplace. 

We help them effectively show appreciation to clients and employees…bolster their event presence… increase survey response rates and open up new avenues for brand building via one of the industry’s first 24/7 online merchandising solution. We’re proud to have helped all of our clients add a little fuel to their brands. Often offbeat, but always entertaining, we hope that Brand Fuel’s Case Study arsenal will stimulate the right side of your brain.

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The Challenge:
Citrix targeted 1,000 CTOs to share their new service to assist companies with digital security. The campaign was called, “Shine a Light on Security.” Because CTOs are super busy and bombarded with new, and often complex, technology solutions, their digital strategy was flat. They asked if we could help get the attention of targeted CTOs by getting them to go to a website and watch a video. This video would then take interested buyers to a Citrix associate to perform a demo. The demo would help close new business.

The Solution:
Brand Fuel created a direct mail piece to reinforce the “Shine a Light on Security” campaign. The idea would be clever, engaging, interactive, instagrammable and … get those CTOs to watch the video and ask for a demo. We used blacklight reactive inks on the collateral and packaging and a branded blacklight to unveil hidden messages around security on a custom package that shipped to 1000 CTOs.

The Results:

  • First 2 weeks:
    • 1,283 video views (283 + the mailing!)
    • 25 demos
    • 6 qualified leads turned into business at an average of $25,000 return per sale
    • 4 reorders
  • $150,000 in net revenue with less than $35,000 investment
  • 328% ROI

The Challenge. 12,000 prospects, a mongo tradeshow floor, and competition everywhere you turn. Find a creative way to drive qualified traffic to your booth and turn visitors into clients in a short period of time.

The Solution. Using Willie Wonka’s clever notion, place a limited number of “golden” (or your brand color) tickets inside a custom wrapped, logo molded chocolate bar. Be sure to add information about your services on the wrapper. Winners with golden tickets receive high end items such as: bluetooth speaker, power sticks or the like. Non-winners enter data on your website or at your booth for 2nd chance prizes. Capture contact information AND get visitors to answer qualifying questions for your sales team to follow up with.









The Challenge. You’ve got a shoestring event budget and a boss with high-level expectations. Using limited resources, execute a promotion with colossal impact. The Solution. They say two heads are better than one. We say that leveraging relationships with partners at a tradeshow is better than doing the balancing act solo. Underwrite the cost of a promotion, such as a scavenger hunt, with vendor partners. For example, provide event attendees with a makeshift passport and challenge prospects to locate partner booths. Passports will be stamped in exchange for contact information at partner vendor booths. After the endeavor is complete, they must return to your booth (home base) for prize redemption. Co-branded giveaways, such as t-shirts, subsidized by partners help offset costs. passport ProcessFileItemImage (1)tee







The Challenge. Historically, your direct mail campaigns have been costly, time consuming and unsuccessful. How can you change history and engage your audience in a way that will crank up your open rate and illicit a response? The Solution. Flat mail is unappealing. Use these methods to garner a response:

  • Create dimensional and creative packaging with branded giveaways inside.
  • Personalize the contents.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Create a tiered follow up plan with your sales team.
  • Incorporate a memorable theme and ensure consistent use of brand colors.
  • Develop an affinity plan, with multiple mailings over a period of time – and build suspense.

tube popup 267

The Challenge. CS132 Your business is rocking because, well, you are damn good at what you do. You are so good, unsolicited referrals are pouring in. But tracking, responding and properly showing appreciation is consuming. Don’t you think those who refer you deserve – and perhaps expect – a little something, something? The Solution. Referrals are the strongest form of flattery and the least expensive way to market. So, why not implement a referral program with gifts that are designed to thank as well as generate qualified leads? Embrace the work that it takes to show a little appreciation (yes, we will help). The best place to find new business is with the business you already have. Recognize qualified leads with gift cards, for example, that correlate with the value of the referral. Be sure to market the program internally so that your sales team shares the information with clients. Feature your referral program benefits on your web site as well.



The Challenge. What are you drinking? Bottled water sales are on the rise. And sugary beverages are still the choice for millions. A lot of organizations are helping their employees select healthier alternatives. But why? water bottle

  • Drinking sugar beverages every now and then won’t raise an eyebrow among nutrition experts. But few see them as treats. Instead, we drink rivers of the stuff. Sugar-based drinks are under scrutiny for contributions to the development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions.
  • Health costs are skyrocketing from overconsumption of sugar beverages.
  • Being less health conscious is convenient and often less expensive.

For companies who provide bottled water as an alternative to employees, that’s a start. But consumption is increasing and so are costs. So, while drinking water is great, the bottles are unfortunately filling trash cans and recycling bins. So, how can you reduce your company’s spend and landfill contribution while still providing a healthy alternative to the coffee and soda found in most corporate break rooms? The Solution. Stats show that an organization with 750 employees will blow through approximately 1,000 plastic water bottles a day! Reduce those costs and show Mother Nature a little love. Provide employees with quality, reusable water bottles to be filled with fresh water from strategically placed coolers. And when a guest comes to visit your office, hook them up with their own branded water bottle. This not only demonstrates that you are responsible corporate citizens, but is also the smart, eco-way to market your brand.

The Challenge. case_study202 Airline restrictions and limited luggage space often prevent tradeshow attendees from bringing home giveaways. And, of those that pick up your giveaway, many will toss it or leave it behind in the hotel because it is annoying to carry. It makes you wonder, “Should we be targeting hotel room custodians?” No! So, how do you ensure that your giveaway makes it beyond tradeshow aisles and hotel rooms – and back with your prospects? The Solution. Virtual Swag. Put a few higher end giveaways on display.  When a qualified attendee inquires about your giveaway, offer to mail it to them after the show. At the point of badge scan, create an API feed to capture qualifying answers to multiple choice questions, such as “Do you plan to purchase in the next 12 months?” This not only allows you to collect contact information and send additional collateral, but it also provides you with an opportunity to impress the prospect by doing what you said you were going to do.  Because your product will be received after the show, you will not be competing for a prospect’s attention. Additionally, your sales team will have better qualified leads versus the hundreds they never get a chance to follow up with.

The Challenge. You have finally figured out that culture eats the strategic plan for lunch. Your office is full of a bunch of negative nellies, grudge collectors and morale mushers. And it’s time to make a change. The Solution. Everyone in your office has to wear a rubber wrist band (that matches your corporate colors) and has a message: “NO NEGATIVITY.” If you catch someone in your office being negative, you are permitted to snap the band on the person’s wrist. Studies show that it takes less than 30 days using this technique to create a much more positive working environment. Happy snapping!

happybands wristbands-for-events1








The Challenge:
Marketing to marketers is not easy at tradeshows and conferences. So, how can you get their attention and generate trackable return on investment? This is what we were up against at The American Marketing Association’s High Five Marketing + Design Conference.

The Conference attracted 275 attendees, representing 194 companies. Targets included marketers, strategists, designers, creative directors, product managers, writers, and business owners. 18% were existing clients with whom we hoped to strengthen relationships and the balance were new prospects.

The Solution:
It is critical to approach events with a fresh perspective or your marketing prospects will walk, possibly briskly, right past you. So, we created called “BrandLibs.” Based on Mad Libs, a phrasal template word game where players substitute words – often comical– for blanks in a story. We used keynote speakers bios for our BrandLibs game template to personalize the booth experience.

Here is how we used promotional products in the campaign:
6’ Tall Brand Blocks were used for our BrandLibs game
Sharpies and branded gel pens were given to participants to insert their creative words.
• Each participant received BF branded magnetic poetry in cassettes with choice words, that would resonate with marketers and creatives, to encourage creative word play long after the event.
• Each participant who tweeted their creative word choice, or posted it on Facebook with pictures, along with hashtags for the conference (#High5Conf and #BrandLibs) received not only the magnetic poetry kit, but were entered into a contest to win a red (our brand color) retro high end Coleman cooler full of food with word play connection (Alpha-Bits cereal, alphabet soup, letter pasta, Spaghetti-Os, etc.).
• We followed up by mailing personal thank you cards to prospects with branded Post-its.

From a creative and strategic standpoint, here were the highlights of the campaign:
1) We created an interactive game that allowed us to speak with and qualify attendees while they were playing.
2) We engaged keynote speakers by featuring their bios. They were intrigued and came by to see what attendees had written about them. This allowed us to have personal conversations with high profile speakers like Johnny Earle and Aaron Draplin.
3) Our cost-effective promotional product giveaways traveled from the event easily, were consistent with our creative word game theme and they ended up in offices/homes where they would be used in right brain ways after the event.
4) We saw the expansion of Brand Fuel’s brand in the creative marketing community via a clever, distinctive and engaging way through an inviting visual experience using promotional products and our 6’ tall, full color Brand Blocks game.
5) We integrated additional marketing mediums to reinforce our goals. Along with the power of promo, we leveraged social, print, video, blog, mail, email and…cupcakes!

The results:
1) We qualified 31 new prospects. 8 converted to clients.
2) Attendees spent an estimated 10 minutes at our booth playing the game, speaking with us, tweeting their words and checking out our featured products. Many came back to read the blocks to see what attendees had written.
3) TWITTER: 24K+ impressions, 80 new mentions + 106 new followers. None were paid. All were organic.
4) FACEBOOK: Our video and PHOTO ALBUM reached 13.7K people and had 2.7K clicks + 150 likes/comments/shares.
5) We received The “Most Interactive Booth” Award for the event as voted on by conference attendees!
6) FORBES Magazine featured a story about the event! When Johnny Earle, CEO of one of the coolest brands on the planet, Johnny Cupcakes stopped by, a little story unfolded as captured in VIDEO:
7) We earned 5 new clients who spent $45,432 in new business post event. This represented 626% ROI.

Brand Blocks High Five 2015

Magnetic Poetry High Five 2015

Coleman Cooler High Five 2015