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Giving is a gateway to great engagement.

Charity Fuel combines your branded merch with supporting social and environmental causes to produce impactful outcomes.

Amplify your company's philanthropic CSR efforts and engage with your clients and employees through PHYGITAL* campaigns.


*Phygital: Interactions that engage audiences across digital platforms and physical products.

Charity Fuel with any Branded Merch!

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Step 1

Work with Brand Fuel on great branded merch for employee/client appreciation or an event marketing campaign. We’ll add a QR code to a product, collateral or hangtag for a unique Phygital eXperience.

Step 2

Drive traffic to a branded microsite. Here, recipients will select charitable impacts of choice (e.g. Provide emergency vet care for pets of the homeless, support wildfire victims with long-term recovery, send art supplies to the Girl Power Camp in Uganda, recover 20 pounds of ocean plastic,  etc).

Step 3

A donation to the nonprofit is made on your behalf, and positive impacts are created through your brand eXperience.


How Charity Fuel works with a hand-crafted art campaign!


This is how Brand Fuel partnered with a local artist to create a meaningful client engagement campaign. It included a hand-crafted art piece, a personal video message, and an opportunity for clients to get involved in Brand Fuel's year-end charitable donations.

Why Charity Fuel Works

  • Increase genuine engagement

    Involve employees & clients in your corporate responsibility (CSR) efforts. 

  • Align your brand with giving back

    Use branded giveaways that show your company CARES.

  • Support meaningful causes in a creative and interactive way

    Environment, Animals, Education, Health, Human Rights, Art...

  • Cultivate community and build loyalty

    3X ROI, ROE (Return on Emotion), ROC (Return on Community).

Interested in Charity Fuel for your next project?

Contact us to put together your unique campaign of branded giveaways, digital content, and online interactivity with a core community give-back component.

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