When it comes to making a positive and lasting impact through your brand, give your audience (employees, clients, and prospects) a choice of incredible branded merch OR charitable impacts that will support nonprofits they care about.

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Step 1

  • Work with Brand Fuel on great branded merch for your online store.
  • Choose charitable impacts aligned with your company's mission or your audience's passion (e.g. Provide emergency vet care for pets of the homeless, support wildfire victims with long-term recovery, send art supplies to the Girl Power Camp in Uganda, recover 20 pounds of ocean plastic,  etc).

Step 2

  • We'll add branded merch AND nonprofit impacts to your online store*.
  • We'll provide codes for you to distribute to your audience.

Step 3

  • Gift codes are redeemed by choosing a product OR a charitable impact on your branded site.

Step 4

  • We handle payments to nonprofits on your behalf, and provide you with receipts. 
  • Positive impact is created through your brand eXperience.

*Minimums apply.


  • Align branded giveaways with giving back
  • Feature causes you or your audience cares about
  • Increase genuine engagement with your audience
  • Enhance digital strategy
  • Boost your employee giving program
  • Show that your company CARES
  • Cultivate community and build loyalty
  • Help non-profit organizations
  • 3X ROI, ROE (Return on Emotion) & ROC (Return on Community)

Some of our Fuelian favorite causes

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