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Giving is a gateway to great engagement.

Charity FUEL eXperiences combine your branded merch with community causes to produce impactful outcomes. Engage with your audience on a personal level, online and off through PHYGITAL* campaigns.


*Phygital: Interactions that engage audiences across digital platforms and physical spaces.

Our Charity FUEL Program

Our branded giveaways will be connected to supporting non-profits that your audience cares about. Create genuine engagement (with personalized video!), increase impressions, and support important causes: Environment, Animals, Education Health, Human Services, and Art.

How Charity FUEL works.

A mapped out process for Brand Fuel's Charity FUEL service.

Step 1

Work with Brand Fuel on great branded giveaways for direct mail or events.

Step 2

Drive traffic to your website or microsite we will build.

Step 3

Give your audience an opportunity to choose from over 300 charitable impacts using a code or custom password.

How Charity FUEL works with a hand-crafted art campaign!

Brand Fuel's process for its "Let's Get Phygital" campaign.

Step 1

  • Work with Brand Fuel on great branded giveaways for direct mail or events.
  • Compliment the giveaway with a hand-crafted segment of art that is connected to a bigger piece of an original themed painting.
  • The back of each piece of art will indicate a website and specific code they enter on the site.

Step 2

  • Drive traffic to your website or we will build a microsite with a call to action video from you.
  • Recipient will use the code on the back of the art to choose charity impacts that matter to them (Environment, Animals, Education, Health, Human Services, Art).

Step 3

  • After selection, a new page will open for the Great Reveal!
  • Your customer/client gets to see the full art piece, with their piece highlighted as well as receive a custom message from you.
  • Recipients can respond with photos, video or comments after. These can be public or private.

About the Artist

Photo of Tola Oguntoyinbo

Tola Oguntoyinbo, a good friend to Brand Fuel, lives in Chapel Hill, NC has been painting for close to 25 years. He is a graduate of the Groton School with an undergraduate degree from UNC and a Master’s degree from UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media where he was a Park Fellow. He is currently the founder of ShineBiG Feedback. To see more, go to


  • Genuinely engage with your audience
  • Align branded giveaways with giving back
  • Increase response rates
  • Highlight charities you or your audience cares about
  • Generate valuable audience-driven content
  • Identify and recognize brand advocates
  • Enhance digital strategy
  • Cultivate community and build loyalty
  • Help charities
  • Multiple PHYGITAL* Touchpoints
  • Client sees 3X ROI

Interested in Charity FUEL for your organization?

Contact us to put together your unique campaign of branded giveaways, digital content, and online interactivity with a core give-back to community component.

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