Purpose Beyond Product

B Corp, BrandGood & Corporate Social Responsibility


As we strive to become a better company through our compassionate team and our work helping clients deliver impact, we will dedicate resources to decreasing brandfill*, nurturing our communities and embodying a culture of caring.

As a proud Certified B Corporation, we are bound to honor the governance of ensuring our business is a force for good. 

BrandGood. “Brand” and “Good” are two simple words that when combined, create a new way for organizations to brand themselves and help the communities in which they serve. From supporting the literacy program in desperate need of books to helping food insecure kids, there are numerous ways to make a difference with the help of promotional products. At Brand Fuel, we call this the business of benevolence or “BrandGood.” And we are committed to helping nonprofits and our clients with impactful Cause-Marketing initiatives.

Focus Areas. While Brand Fuel is invested in many needs, our hearts get tugged when we have the privilege to support the Arts (Music, in particular), Mental Health, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Food Insecurity. If children are recipients of our goodwill, then our hearts are sufficiently full.

Our Relationship with The Promotional Products Industry.

Leadership Roles: PPAI, PromoKitchen, PromoCares, PPEF, CAAMP, VAPPA, Reciprocity Road.

Responsible Sourcing

Our Code of Conduct

We will invest our time, treasure and talent to make this world a better place to live, work, play and even receive and use promotional products.


  • We are committed to donating 5% or more of our time through pro-bono services to nonprofits annually.
  • We give our team PTO to volunteer.
  • We volunteer as a company and often bring our families, suppliers and clients along for the ride.









  • We serve on nonprofit boards and committees, locally and nationally.
  • We donate time to assist nonprofits with their marketing and cause-marketing strategies.
  • We develop, design and maintain storefronts to help nonprofits raise funds and awareness.

A few of our favorite nonprofits:

We recognize that when our communities thrive, our business thrives. We strive for tangible impact in the places where we live and work—collaborating with peers, the nonprofit sector, and our employees to affect change in the areas that matter to Brand Fuel and its clients.


Looking for in-kind merch for your fundraiser, space for your board meetings, or a Brand Fuel speaker at your next event?
Tell us more about your nonprofit mission and needs here. 


Please email info@brandfuel.com for more information.

*brandfill is defined as merchandise with a client’s logo or design that ends up in the landfill. We have a focus on ethical sustainability. Anything else is a liability to us, our clients and the earth.