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Our team will custom design the perfect presentation kit AND manage shipping logistics and direct mail. On top of it all, we'll help you track the campaign with a focus on ROI to help you connect in a meaningful, memorable, and measurable way.

Our promise: Strategy first. Products second. 

Your new secret weapon for Sales Teams, HR Directors, Fundraisers, and Marketing Managers

Does your digital strategy need a kick in the pants? Want to track your campaigns with a focus on ROI? Are new team members not feeling enough love from your organization? Hoping to connect in a long-lasting and measurable way? We can help!


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A Custom Presentation Kit For YOU

We've created YOUR new secret weapon to help track campaigns, focus on ROI, and really connect.

For Marketing:

"This is smart!"

Open prospect's doors by featuring your products or services in a clever kit that will elicit a response. Our goal is to help you get prospects into the sales pipeline quicker.

Nesting Journal Kit $190 Cham

For HR Directors:

It’s tone-deaf to ask new staffers to fill out stacks of paperwork on Day 1 without a warm welcome. Where’s the love? We’ll help you welcome them with branded gear they’ll want to use (vs have to use). Make new hires feel like an immediate part of your family.

Congrats! You've found the King of Promotions!
Congrats! You've found the King of Promotions!

For Sales:

Are you thanking clients for their business? Recognizing for referrals? Gifting your clients during the holidays? What about a THANK YOU when it's unexpected? We can help you engage with clients and prospects in thoughtful ways. To show that you value their time and business through branded premiums, packaged beautifully in memorable, smart presentation kits.

all together kit final

For Fundraising:

What do schools and nonprofits have in common? They often struggle without the generosity of their donors and fans. Our custom branded kits are a fantastic way to say thank you and make those supporters feel special. We can even help you align donation levels with branded premium associated with tracking ROI, all the while handling the logistics.

For Virtual Events:

Our custom branded virtual event kits will help you:

  • Optimize attendance!
  • Increase engagement!
  • Generate participation!
  • Boost sales!
  • Add fun to your brand!

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eXperience in a Box

How can marketers, salespeople and hiring departments seal the deal without being in-person?

Does your digital strategy need a kick in the pants? 

Customers expect a new type of interaction with brands. The meteoric rebirth of direct mail is happening as you read. Direct Mail can make people feel a certain way or get them to take action. We can help!

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