A collage of photos showcasing the design steps for a digital cassette player.

Giving is a gateway to great engagement

NEW IMPACTful experiences integrate community causes. Engage with your audience on a personal level through "phygital" campaigns that engage audiences across digital platforms and physical spaces.


Contact us to put together your unique campaign of branded giveaways, digital content, and online interactivity with a core give-back to community component.

Charity IMPACT eXperience Programs:

Charity FUEL

  • Purchase your branded giveaways and support nonprofits that your audience cares about. Create genuine engagement and more impressions.

Charity Fuel Art Blocks

  • Create meaningful engagement with your community through a unique combination of charity, content, branded giveaways and hand-crafted art.


  • Genuinely engage with your audience
  • Align branded giveaways with giving
  • Increase response rates
  • Highlight charities you or your audience cares about
  • Generate valuable audience-driven content
  • Identify and recognize brand advocates
  • Cultivate community and build loyalty
  • Multiple PHYGITAL Touchpoints

Check out this eXperience that won a national marketing award!

People showcasing the custom designed blocks and cassettes from Brand Fuel.

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