Virtual (and Generous) Coffee with Ben Higgins, The Bachelor

Join Ben Higgins, CEO of Generous Brands and ABC’s The Bachelor, in a 60-minute virtual coffee chat. Ben will share his story about his purpose-driven brand, Generous Brands, why giving back is so important, and what it was like to navigate all the pressure and joy of being America’s most beloved Bachelor.

To complement the virtual event, Brand Fuel will fulfill a personal, direct mail invitation kit to your audience that will include premium Generous Coffee and Tumblers – BOTH branded with your design/messaging.

Why? To support Generous Brands and their effort to help nonprofit communities. Generous Brands' mission is simple:  GENEROSITY. And 100% of the net proceeds of Generous Coffee purchased will be invested in nonprofits you choose. Their model is like Newman’s Own Brands, where over $500,000 has been donated to children’s nonprofits.



  1. Connect with your employees, customers, or prospects in a meaningful, fun, memorable, and tangible way
  2. Support mission-aligned nonprofits you care about
  3. Invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental social governance (ESG)
  4. Get branded premium coffee and tumblers to give people a long-lasting reminder of the event and your brand
  5. Through QR codes in the kit, during the event, or after, capture survey insights about your business from your audience
  6. Engage with Ben by hearing his story (Running Generous Brands and The Bachelor), and enjoy a coffee and a Q & A chat.


There is a minimum of 500 kits for this direct mail and virtual event eXperience. Costs will vary based on the final number of invitation kits. Each kit will include a bag of Generous Coffee and custom tumblers (both with your logo/design), print collateral, and other add-ons.

BONUS: The 60-minute virtual event with Ben is included!!

A typical kit with a 12 oz bag of Generous Coffee (with your logo/design) and custom brand name tumbler (brands like Miir, Klean Kanteen, Corkcicle, Hydroflask, Contigo, Stanley, etc.), print collateral, biodegradable peanuts, custom box is estimated at $68. Fulfillment and freight costs are not included.


Spill the Beans:

Generous Coffee is committed to ethical sourcing practices such as safe and healthy working conditions, fair labor practices, and protection of workers' rights, including the prohibition of child and forced labor. Generous beans are specialty grade and cups above an 80. Cupping is a method of evaluating coffee based on its flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and overall characteristics. When coffee cups above an 80 it's like a stamp of approval from coffee experts, signaling that it is some of the best coffee in the world, rated in the top 1%.


Kit options:

  • Branded Coffee Tumblers ask us about those that also support community
  • 12 oz or 16 oz bags of beans
  • A personal printed invitation for recipients
  • Marketing or educational collateral about the eXperience or your brand
  • Custom printed boxes
  • Other branded giveaways that will help deliver branding impact and engagement, education, call to action, and joy to your recipients.                                              Just ask your account rep for ideas!


We're in... what's next? Your Brand Fuel team will work with you to develop a custom Generous Coffee Kit that will directly ship to recipients inviting them to attend this unique and fun event on budget and on brand. Contact your CSR today! 

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