“Live out your rock and roll dreams while strengthening team dynamics!”

Looking to Motivate Your Team? Join us for Rock and Roll Team Building! We will put your team members in the driver’s seat of a rock show!

This eXperience:

  • Promotes bonding and team building while working together to create drum grooves.
  • Is educational. Learn how drums are used in a musical setting.
  • Is empowering and fun. Drum along with a live rock and roll band in a playful environment!

This eXperience is a refreshing way to build unity and leadership for your corporate team, organization, or private event. A 90-minute indoor program will allow your group to experience the exhilarating feeling of drumming with an actual LIVE rock and roll band, while promoting communication and team bonding!

Drum sets are separated into “stations” for each participant. A Drum Team Collective™ instructor will explain the role of each instrument and how to play it. The group will play drum patterns together and a live house band will join to plays well-known songs along with your team. Everyone will be able to rotate to try different percussion instruments.

How long is the program and what can I expect during the event? Standard Program is includes 90 minutes of focused team building and drumming along to Rock, 80’s, Pop, Country and R&B hits as well as various team building activities.

  • Introductions
  • History of the drum kit and the musical role of each element of the drum kit, relating drumming and musical performance to team building and leadership.
  • Drumming instruction via the DTC Teaching Method™
  • Each participant will experience all the elements of the drum kit, playing along to classic rock and roll songs with a LIVE band!

Branded Product Giveaways:

  • Drum sticks
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wireless earphones/ear buds
  • Journals made out of recycled albums
  • Bottle openers made out of recycled albums
  • Rock-style T-shirts
  • And more!


Session (not including branded giveaways): $2900 – $3900 for 90 minutes for up 15 people, each additional participant is $140, up to a maximum of 25 participants

Want Delta Rae’s Mike McKee lead your session: Inquire for price and availability.

Interested in a Drum Set Karaoke™ eXperience where teams of up to 15 participants per group pick out a music genre, choose a section of the drum set to play, and then learn to drum along to a medley of songs with a live rock and roll band? Let us know.


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