Looking to connect kindness, giving back and social innovation to your brand? Our Kindness Container eXperience will help! We all agree that the world needs more kindness and we think companies can and should be a part of helping make that happen.

Our cash blowing machine will be branded with your logo, corporate colors and custom messaging.

Recommended Usage

We recommend using The Kindness Container eXperience when you want to attract a crowd of attendees, increase event leads as well as social media engagement PLUS help align your business as a force for good.

Product Pairings

  • Mini-Kindness Containers in the form of Mason jar mugs that can also be used as banks (we have lids with openings for coins) with inspirational and call to action for good quotes inside.
  • Pocket can coolers where money can be placed.
  • Journals with altruistic, benevolent quotes and your logo on the cover plus a pocket inside for the cash.
  • “Kindness Sprinkler” buttons for all who participate.
  • We will provide post-its to go on the dollars you distribute, reminding folks that they are taking a pledge to use the money to sprinkle kindness in the world. We suggest adding a hashtag so you can track the activity.


Please try and book the machine 2-3 weeks in advance. Sometimes, we can make machine delivery in 2 days if it is available.

Set up time: 15 minutes with 2 people

Other: We recommend running the machine for each person between 20 and 30 seconds and filling the container with $20-$40 for an average cash grab of $7. Having single dollars for all but a $5, $10 or $20 inside can make it much more exciting.

Kindness should be determined by the recipient. Suggestions: nonprofits, homeless, street musicians, strangers in line at your favorite coffee place or restaurant, an extra tip on top of your standard, church tithing, inspire and recognize children for doing good, etc.


Machine rental: $250 per day.

Delivery and pick up: $75

Custom branding: $285

Don’t have enough people on your event team on-site? We can help you set up, as well as run the machine, so that your employees can focus on face-to-face interactions with your prospects. Rate TBD.

Contact us for more information.



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