This ain’t your average paint party. Still life and paint-by-numbers are banned. Get creative.  Get involved.  Get connected.  Collaborate and create a masterpiece together.

How it Works

Attendees will randomly select from a bowl of prompts – either one word or a simple phrase crafted to reflect your brand personality- and respond by painting on canvas. And yes, we can use your brand colors!

The Result

A one-of-a-kind piece of abstract art with layer after layer of unique strokes created by attendees or team members to display in your office. Your brand will truly come to life through color through this team-building eXperience. 

Recommended Usage

Perfect for indoor or outdoor sales events, team building, tradeshows, company events, corporate wellness, and employee engagement. Paint for Swag gets them away from those monitors and adds fun and creativity for your teams.

Giveaway Pairings

Anything that influences or equips attendees to express themselves through color such as an art journal, pad of paper, colored pencils, colored markers, chalk, crayons, Sharpies, puzzles, mini canvases, etc. ALL BRANDED WITH YOUR LOGO OR DESIGN.


2 – 3 weeks to organize


Pricing includes four hours of staff time and all supplies for up to 80 people. $1950.  $25 for each additional person.

Extras: promotional product takeaways, photographer, drinks/food, branded aprons. 

Additional information


We will happily bring Paint for Swag to any location within a 50 mile radius of RDU.  Locations outside this radius are available at an additional cost. 

Space Recommendations and Set-up Requirements

We require a minimum 10’ x 10’ area, two 6’ tables, and access to a water source.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Either location is great as long as the weather is temperate with minimal wind.  If hosting Paint for Swag outdoors, a pop-up tent or covered space is requested.

All Inclusive

Whether you want your employees to enjoy themselves at a local brewery or you want to partner with a non-profit for a pay-it-forward experience, we’ve got you covered.  For an additional charge we can find a location and supply all the above requirements for you. 

Contact us for more information.


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