It’s the ONLY Surprising, Wondrous, Amazing, Giveaway SWAG Lottery Machine in existence! You will be bewildered and awestruck when your prospects, clients or employees approach this machine, insert a ticket (for data capture), pull the lever, and hear the magical sounds that create a sense of wonderment as individualized swag items get handed through the machine to recipients.

The Swag Lottery Machine has three decorated sides, which can be customized to your brand, and a curtain covering the back. An operator sits inside to hand out the awesome giveaways and work the sounds. With your creative life-size design on the machine, we can attract a crowd of attendees, and while they wait in line, your staff can interact with everyone to tell them your brand story. Don’t have enough people on your event team on-site? We can help you run the machine, so that your employees can focus on face-to-face interactions with your prospects.

Interested in a unique brand experience?

Recommended Usage

We recommend using SWAG Lottery Machine when you want to capture data, increase event leads and social media engagement, while leaving a lasting impression that attendees will share on their own social media.

Product Pairings

SWAG Lottery Machine pairs well with an old school item – such as a book, record, CD, etc. – and giveaways with your brand. This is great for bringing both the digital and analog world together! We can procure the giveaways for you.


Original SWAG Lottery Machine: two weeks

Custom, mobile SWAG Lottery Machine: four to six weeks


Original Machine $1,000 rental for first day. $450 for each additional day. If desired, operator may be supplied for $40/hr. Includes delivery and pick-up within 100 miles of RTP. Additional fees may apply for delivery to locations outside RTP.

Totally custom mobile machine (image below): $5,430


Optional travel case with wheels: $1,995

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