Is working from home a challenge? Looking to motivate your team? Check out our Virtual Team Building (a.k.a “Quaranteam Building”)!  eXperience where we will combine Rhythm, Unity and Movement with your team and deliver an awesome keepsake video and song. We can also deliver branded swag for team participation. Join in on the fun with our partners from Drum Team Collective, including Delta Rae’s Mike McKee!

This eXperience:

  • Promotes bonding and team building in remote environments.
  • Is educational. Learn about rhythm, percussion, and the art of making music.
  • Is empowering and fun.

How long is the program and what can I expect during and after the event?

60 minutes of team building and creating a music video with each participant having a part. We will deliver a keepsake video for you to share with your team and on social media in approximately 1 week after your event. This eXperience is perfect for teams of up to 30 people, however we can break up sessions.

Branded Product Giveaways

  • Drum sticks
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Wireless earphones/ear buds
  • Journals made out of recycled albums
  • Bottle openers made out of recycled albums
  • Rock-style T-shirts
  • And more!



Team Building Session with Custom Keepsake Video (not including branded giveaways): $2,400-$4,500

People on a Zoom call dancing.
People on a Zoom call.
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