Dr. David A. Rosin, circa 1978

When she and I rendezvoused, Nanette shared my father’s legal ledger from his psychiatric practice in 1986. There were articles of incorporation, bylaws, and shareholder agreements. He was the only shareholder, so he was listed as president, vice president, secretary, and even treasurer. That made me smile.

I never really thought about my dad, a psychiatrist, as an entrepreneur, but these documents said otherwise.  Running your own business is not for the faint of heart. But he did it. It’s not lost on me that he assumed all that risk to take care of our family. His business ledger was a reminder of that for me.

Interestingly, on the inside cover, was a hand-held, old school, Corpex brand, metal embossing corporate seal. When I took the 40-year-old seal and compressed it upon a piece of paper, it read, “David A. Rosin & Associates P.C. * Corporate Seal * 1986 * Virginia.” I felt empowered.

This newly found object reminded me of my career in branding. All of that embossing and debossing of designs and logos I have managed for Brand Fuel clients through the years. Imprints that stand for something. Decorations that tell a story. Calls to action.

There’s something to be said for receiving something so special that relates to a lost loved one, years after they have passed. I can imagine my dad’s hands squeezing that seal upon legal documents that hopefully helped his business grow or, better yet, helped his psychiatric patients through the years in some way.

Dr. David Rosin and Danny Rosin

Danny Rosin, Co-president