Leone Redbone, the famous Tin Pan Alley musician known for his dark sunglasses, black tie and cool hats, once said, “Home is where you hang your hat.”

And it got us thinking about hats and how perfect they can be as a gift, especially when most of us are working from home and don’t primp until well after the traditional workday begins. [If at all.] Hats always come in handy during those “bed head”or “my boss called another impromptu Zoom” predicaments.

Yet hats also serve as a fashion statement. A souvenir. A conviction. A boast. A hat can be an artist’s canvas. A confidence builder. They are universal weekend wear. They’re something to throw on but never throw away. A wearable statement and a wardrobe staple. They are an attitude. Something to wear the day before and the day after. They’re rain gear. Dome protectors. Something you can (typically) wear in front of your mother. Ritual for fraternity brothers, teammates and plumbers, they can be a cultural icon. A validation. They’re for the barhopping, shot-slamming Sunday afternoon couch potato. They’re a fashion statement. A meme. They have alternative names like “toque” and “chapeaux.” They are for truckers and non-truckers… and even child story cat *bleepers.* They are vintage, preppy, bohemian, preppy, “dadriffic” and grunge. They’re for Derbys and veterans, cowgirls and revolutionaries. And of course, they are marketing tools for Presidents. They are also 1 of 1000 guaranteed fifth prizes. They are proof that you did something last weekend. They serve as a way to support your favorite band or brand. A story can run right through a hat. And hats are amazing human conversation and connection points.

And with that, we hope you’ll think of Brand Fuel when it is time to brand some of your own. Our decorating capabilities to get your message across are many: screenprint, embroidery, leather patch deboss, flocking, rivets and rhinestones, metal plate, laser, foil, special label, raised rubber ink, 3D Flex embroidery, embossed buckles, PVC or stitched patch, and completely customized eyelets and custom panels.

Please keep us in mind for your next custom hat project.

Because the sky is the limit. So is our appreciation of you for reading all of this!