Professionals aiming to gather key insights and feedback from busy executives often face the challenge of survey fatigue. Inboxes overflow with survey requests, which makes it difficult to capture attention. In fact, a good survey response rate ranges from a mere 5% to 30%. This leaves us wondering: How can we help exceed these numbers? 

While incentivizing survey completion with gifts and cool merch can be effective, capturing interest and communicating value within seconds is the true secret to success. This is where a purpose-driven Phygital project comes into play, merging physical and digital experiences, while providing an engaging and meaningful encounter. 

The Solution

Sweeter Cards! Sweeter Cards is a women-owned and led US business specializing in turning boring greeting cards into the tastiest chocolate bars made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. By using vegetable-based inks on their recyclable packaging and providing employment opportunities for adults with special abilities, they exemplify a business that not only creates amazing treats but also makes a positive impact in the world. 

The alignment of values between Sweeter Cards and our client made this partnership an easy choice. Our client, Paradox Consulting Partners, is a women-owned Certified B Corp agency that prepares businesses for growth by integrating Process, People, and Performance. 

But it doesn't end there. By tapping into the concept of Return on Emotion (ROE), we amplified the emotional connection between this project and its recipients when we turned the chocolate bar into a Golden Ticket.  

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The Outcome

At a Leadership Summit, Paradox’s booth captivated the attention of company leaders. By enticing them with the Golden Ticket chocolate bars, they not only gamified survey completion but also fostered curiosity and engagement.

In addition to providing survey participants with a memorable treat, the chocolate bar served as a valuable tool for conveying information about Paradox's mission and services. Attendees who couldn’t stay for a conversation were still able to access details about Paradox by scanning the QR code and signing up for their newsletter.

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The Results

  1. Survey Responses: 56 survey responses were collected from conference attendees - equivalent to a 70% response rate! The survey insights have provided the Paradox team with a deeper understanding of workplace productivity challenges and aspirations, empowering them to better serve leaders and organizations in their pursuit of creating human-centric cultures.
  2. Booth Traffic: The allure of the Golden Ticket incentive successfully attracted a substantial flow of traffic to Paradox's booth. This created opportunities for engaging conversations with executives, allowing them to showcase their expertise and establish new client connections.
  3. Newsletter Sign-Ups: Through the QR code on the chocolate bar, 34% of recipients scanned the code to learn more about Paradox, and approximately 18% subscribed to their newsletter.
  4. Social Media Impact: The golden ticket concept was undeniably picture and share-worthy, generating significant social media interactions. Attendees and online audiences alike shared photos and expressed their admiration for the unique idea. This organic buzz not only expanded the reach of Paradox's message but also elevated their digital presence.
Our friend Emma, CEO of Paradox Consulting, showing off her Golden Ticket chocolate bar.
Our friend Emma, CEO of Paradox Consulting, showing off her Golden Ticket chocolate bar.

When you compare the standard response rate for surveys, and push it up against the response rate when there is a nice incentive like Sweeter Cards chocolate, adding the incentive makes the campaign even more successful!

Big shout out to MRC Design Studio and Noel & Co. for working with us on design and marketing strategy. This was a super fun, collaborative project!!

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