It’s your company’s birthday! And that means an opportunity to celebrate with internal and external fans of your brand.

But there is an expense to throw down and Poindexter in Finance is telling you that you need to provide a way to break even on anything you spend. Doing a sales pitch your party feels pretty off-putting. So, how do you show financial return in a party setting?


Go on now. Party like it’s 1999. Amplify the customer experience by creating an event that shows your appreciation. No sales spiels allowed.

Develop this event around relationship building through social interaction. Create a superhero theme and treat your staff and customers like the true heroes they are. Create teams of customers with your staff. Set up an atypical superhero obstacle course that rewards winners (and losers) with logoed prizes. Special adult drinks such as “Super Shakes” in take-home drinkware are optional.

Invite ole Poindexter down to meet your clients and give him a taste of what relationship building is all about. Financial return follows from genuine relationship-building activities. But a digital “thank you for coming” follow up with an anniversary special code never hurts to use for ROI tracking either. Wink, wink.


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