You need to get your consumer product, service or retail establishment known in the community. And you want to capture new customers too.

But you are squeamish about digital ads because of those ad blockers. And SEO can be expensive. What’s a restaurant, dry cleaner, dog groomer, dentist, realtor, car wash, mechanic, grocer, etc. to do?


With media fragmentation accelerating, you must abandon the old-school concept of reaching the masses. Focus on the individual and proximity. Enter branded doorknob hangers.

If your target is geographically defined, such as a grocery store, print a specific offer on door-hangers and place them on doorknobs in your area. This method will produce results in direct proportion to the strength of your offer. Using a grocery store as an example, "Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you," is less likely to create new shoppers than "Let us wash your car for free while you shop.”


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