“Thank you for your business” needs to be shouted from the rooftops, especially for first-time clients.

A simple “thank you” is great and all but you know you need to do more. It is this mindset that turns first-time buyers into lifetime buyers. Think of it as dating; do you really want to be their fifth “one-night stand” in a row or do you want to be “the one”?


Loyalty is earned, not given. Make your client think of you as their one-stop shop. This starts with doing good work, being attentive, and caring. You will find that challenging your clients will go a long way.

Ask the questions nobody else is asking, push back on their ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask our favorite question: “WHY?” This will show your client that you aren’t there to sell them but that you care about thinking strategically as a teammate and finding out what their goals/objectives are.

Next steps? Start by following up the first sale or even meeting with a direct mail ‘Thank You’ Gift (through our Fuel Kit Program). Throw in functional branded gifts that will remind them they matter to you, every time they use them.

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