How can marketers, salespeople and hiring departments seal the deal without being in-person?


Your Direct Mail campaigns may need a kick in the pants.

Customers expect a new type of interaction with brands. The meteoric rebirth of direct mail is happening as we speak. Direct Mail can make people feel a certain way or get them to take action.

Did you know?

Epsilon surveyed nearly 5,000 customers and “60 percent said going to the mailbox and receiving a piece of mail provided an emotional boost.”

  • Yes, people have a great connection with mail.
  • Mail is personal, tangible, interactive, relevant - and if done right, it can be highly targeted to individuals’ specific interests.
  • Direct mail stimulates all five senses. Digital channels only affect three.
Handpainted artistic mailbox hanging on an old wooden door.

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Creative Unboxing eXperiences will deliver smiles and activation.




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