Every company says they sell sustainable “stuff.” How can you be sure you are being true to your sustainability and social impact values while creating a meaningful and fun gift experience?

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One of a kind glasses made from rescued and upcycled wine bottles that are packaged by a nonprofit that embraces their workforce's ability - not their disability.

When your customers or employees expect something special, we will not take shortcuts when it comes to strategy. From materials, functionality and packaging, to data, social impact and overall experience – this type of campaign is well thought out.

Some key questions we addressed with this campaign:

  • Is it a safe product?
  • Is it a quality product that will last?
  • Is it useful for the end user?
  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Does it play a positive role in the circular economy?
  • Is the manufacturer responsible and compliant?
  • Is the packaging sustainable and easy to reuse or recycle?
  • Are our maker partners mission-aligned?
  • Can we make this product part of a very special gifting experience?
  • Can we track engagement for our customers?
  • Can it deliver a relational and personal experience?
  • Is it on brand and on budget?

The Outcome

Beautifully crafted glasses made from wine bottles by our friends at Refresh Glass, a mission-driven maker looking to divert 10 million bottles from landfills!

Since wine bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, so do their glasses. After engraving a fun, Fuelian message on them, they were sent to our packing partner, EPI-HAB.

We selected EPI-HAB as our fulfillment partner because of their efforts in providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges.



Shipped in recyclable packaging and biodegradable packing peanuts, packages were delivered to customers. Even though the USA Made glasses already checked many boxes, we went above and beyond by adding a phygital campaign – connecting our physical gifts with a digital destination for additional context, fun AND (Dave Grohl drum roll please!) engagement data.

By scanning the QR code on the packaging, gift recipients gained access to our team’s Rocket Fuel drink recipes - which they can enjoy while using their new favorite glasses. This thoughtful addition to their experience also allowed us to see how many people opened their gift, read our message, scanned the QR code, and checked out our hilarious & tasty recipes page.

For this campaign:

  • 21% TOOK ACTION with the QR code after receiving their gift.
  • 14% sent us appreciation texts, emails and calls.
  • 4 orders for similar campaigns are in progress.

Just imagine the endless phygital marketing possibilities! QR codes can link to videos, data forms, surveys, promotions, and even spirited haikus.

The moral of this story: Purpose, creativity, strategy, logistics, personalization, humor and high quality, unique branded merch can deliver much more successful outcomes and engagement.

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