You have LBS, a.k.a. Lame-Booth Syndrome.

Your boss refuses to update your booth no matter how many times you insist that purple and teal are so 1989 and people don’t drop business cards in fishbowls for a chance to win.


Ever heard of SWAG Lottery?

Combine the anticipation of a slot machine with the thrill of a carnival game and you’ve got SWAG Lottery! Start off by customizing the Swag Lottery Machine to match your brand. Then, watch as prospects insert a ticket, allowing for the capture of prospect data. When the handle is pulled, lights blink and xylophones play! Two hands will come out of the box to deliver the recipient a unique gift.

Imagine if the prizes were vintage vinyl albums, like Ella Fitzgerald or Donnie and Marie. How about books? How about a donation to a cause? Imagine the hype your booth will generate!

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