Marketing to marketers is no easy task.

How do you MAKE NOISE on a low budget and generate trackable ROI?


“BrandLibs,” based on Mad Libs, a phrasal template word game where players substitute words – often comical– for blanks in a story.

Cleverly use event keynote speakers bios for our BrandLibs game template to personalize the booth experience.  Details:

  • 6’ Tall Brand Blocks are used for the BrandLibs game
  • Branded Sharpies are given to participants to insert their creative words.
  • Each participant receives branded magnetic poetry in cassettes with choice words, that will resonate with marketers and creatives, to encourage creative word play long after the event.
  • Each participant who tweets their creative word choice, or posts it on Facebook with pictures, along with hashtags for the conference receives not only the magnetic poetry kit, but are entered into a contest to win a retro high end cooler full of food with word play connection (Alpha-Bits cereal, alphabet soup, letter pasta, Spaghetti-Os, etc.).
  • Follow up by mailing personal thank you cards to prospects with branded Post-its.

From a creative and strategic standpoint, here are the highlights of this type of campaign:

  • Create an interactive game that allows you to speak with and qualify attendees while having fun.
  • Engage keynote speakers by featuring their bios. They will even visit your booth when word spreads!

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