1. Lackluster webinar and virtual event signups
  2. Creating excitement around another frickin' Zoom
  3. Tracking ROI from virtual experiences or video conferencing
  4. Constructing a meaningful referral or leads pipeline
  5. Virtual event follow-up


No matter your virtual event platform, our custom branded virtual online event kits will help event planners:

  • Increase branded event marketing!
  • Optimize attendance during webcasts!
  • Increase engagement!
  • Generate participation!
  • Support team building through engaged online experiences!
  • Boost sales!
  • Add fun to your brand!

And, we’ll help with STRATEGY:

  • We’ll help event organizers with metrics / data capture and discover feedback through surveys and interest level in your product or service
  • You'll be able to reward attendee engagement for speaking or answering questions correctly. Consider a link or integrations to an online storefront for gift choice
  • Consider interactive influencer campaigns and real-time cameos from exhibitors and attendees at live events, livestreams, or expos
  • Engage event attendees with Charity Fuel where they can support a cause and deliver community impacts
  • Gamification during breakout rooms with giveaways (also great for physical events or in-person conferences)
  • Activate sales post event with a touch campaign on social media or landing page we'll help create

The 1-2-3 Plan

  • 1

    Use promo to get folks to sign up/attend:

    “Get this giveaway – or choice of giveaway – when you sign up for our virtual event!”

  • 2

    Enhance the event experience by gamification / rewards for answering questions:

    “Engage/answer this question during live Q&A and get ______.” “Send us feedback and get ____.”

  • 3

    Send follow up appreciation gifts for attending...

    ...and remind audiences about your amazing brand and include promotions to drive business in the follow-up mailer.

Our unboxing eXperiences will deliver smiles and activation at your virtual events.

Contact our creative team to help with unique strategies that will deliver ROI for your next virtual event:

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