1. Lackluster virtual event signups
  2. Building event anticipation 
  3. Adding excitement to your presentation 
  4. Tracking ROI
  5. Constructing a referral pipeline
  6. Your follow up planning


Our custom branded virtual event kits will help you:

  • Optimize attendance!
  • Increase engagement!
  • Generate participation!
  • Boost sales!
  • Add fun to your brand!

And, we’ll help with STRATEGY:

  • We’ll help with data capture – addresses, feedback through surveys and interest level in your product or service
  • To reward participants for engagement or answering questions correctly, consider a link to an online storefront for gift choice
  • What about interactive influencer campaigns and cameos?
  • Engage participants with Charity Fuel where they can support a cause and deliver helpful impacts
  • Gamification with giveaways
  • Activate sales post event with a touch campaign

The 1-2-3 Plan

  • 1

    Use promo to get folks to sign up/attend:

    “Get this giveaway – or choice of giveaways- when you sign up for ________.”

  • 2

    During the event, engage with gamification rewards for answering questions:

    “Engage/answer this question and get ______.” “Send us feedback and get ____.”

  • 3

    Send follow up appreciation gifts for attending...

    ... and remind audience about your amazing brand, perhaps including coupons for services, etc. 

Our Unboxing eXperiences will help you deliver smiles and activation.

Contact our creative team to help you with these campaigns or we can create something unique for you:

Interested in creating your own case study?

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