Your clients’ inboxes are crowded, and they’re not interested in another bland direct mailer that they feel guilty about tossing.

You don’t want to keep throwing time and money at marketing efforts with so-so returns. So how can you crank it up to 11 and create the engagement you need?

A dog rescue kit used for marketing


Flat mail is just that: flat. Stand out with creative packaging that will lead to a higher open rate and higher engagement. Think eye-catching colors and creative designs, instead of just another kraft shipping box. Make them wonder what’s in there.

Next, wow them with useful, high-quality products that drive home your brand message and will stick around for the long haul.

Is this approach more expensive than an email or a cut and dry letter? Sure. But it’s also way more impactful and way more likely to increase client engagement, appreciation and hopefully, sales activity.

Try these methods to get a response:

  • Add new levels of dimension to your packages, with branded goodies inside
  • Deliver a whole new level of personalization
  • Create a sense of excitement and urgency
  • Develop a multi-level follow-up plan with your sales team
  • Use your brand colors to develop a theme that will stick out in customer’s minds
  • Go Alfred Hitchcock on your audience and develop an ongoing affinity plan that builds suspense
  • Make these mailers special, “ungettable gets.” Something to look forward to
  • Check out our eXperiences in a Box!

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