49% of marketers say that audience engagement is the biggest contributing factor to having a successful event.*

So, how do you get attendees to turn their cameras ON for presentations and then, get them to engage so they look as happy as The Brady Bunch once did?


If 96%** of those surveyed say that video conferencing is effective for improving connectedness, how can you drive connection and engagement?

First, get them excited about your presentation by sending a pre-event kit and thank them for investing their valuable time with you.

Second, with over 1/3 of attendees never turning their cameras on, why not offer a gift to get them to get them to show their smiling faces? Consider the value of engagement. Is the value of engagement a $5 gift or more?

Third, here are 25 strategies to engage attendees such as polls, breakouts, create themed background, scavenger hunts, surveys, brainstorming, and digital flashcards, for example. We would suggest you gamify your presentation and make it more like a fun experience they’ll be talking about after. Give prizes for correct answers and perhaps, for signing up for a 1:1 follow up meeting.

Last, how can you justify this investment in giveaways? Companies save $11,000 annually per employee by using video conferencing.*** By using a portion of that savings, you can also make a case of return on the investment when engagement increases alongside productivity and most importantly, sales.

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