How do you engage prospects and clients online to provide feedback and interest in what you are offering?

BrandFuel's "Let's Get Phygital Campaign" nomination and the words "We Won" below it.


It starts with the idea that giving is a gateway to great engagement.

Consider marrying digital + physical marketing, what we call "PHYGITAL MARKETING,” and also by supporting nonprofits.

Here’s how our award-winning “Let’s Get Phygital” campaign went down…

Who was the audience? Clients. 53% marketers. 18% sales leaders. 29% HR professionals.

How many companies comprised the audience? 735

Timeline for program? 6-8 weeks

What was the primary objective of the program?
Our “Let’s Get Phygital” Campaign was designed to thank clients in a way they have never been thanked before using the power of promotional products, custom art, charitable giving with options, and the opportunity to share feedback through comments, photos OR video! To connect both physically (with great branded merch) and digitally (video, charitable impact selection, digital art reveal and feedback). Again, we call this “PHYGITAL MARKETING.”

In terms of strategy and execution, what were the key elements of the program?
This original self-promotion encompassed a theme of music, art and giving back. We mailed every customer an originally painted art block with an individual code and URL on the back. They also received a custom journal that looked like the cassette tape that they would see again on the PHYGITAL microsite. Clients visited the site on the back of the art block, watched a thank you video from our team, entered their individual code, selected a charitable impact and then we revealed a large version of their physical art block blinking within the entire music-themed painting on the site! Clients were then given an opportunity to share comments, photos or video as feedback, holiday messages/thank yous.

What were the goals?

1. Thank customers by giving them unique and functional branded merchandise and original artwork.

2. Give customers an opportunity to choose from 7 nonprofit impacts through an online interface that we would support on their behalf. Impact examples: Music lessons or art supplies for kids in need, trash removal from oceans or gift baskets for veterans experiencing PTSD.

3. Surprise and delight through the reveal of a digital version of the art block we sent them. Their art was a small piece of a larger piece of painted music-themed art. Each small art block became a link to the greater Brand Fuel customer community.

Various Brand Fuel clients showcasing their custom blocks and cassettes.

4. Give clients an opportunity to engage with us through photos and video message sharing/feedback on The ShineBig Digital Feedback Platform.

5. Convey that our physical promotional products medium can enhance digital marketing in unique, personal and revealing ways that will deliver favorable brand impressions, engagement and possibly, business.

The Results

customer gifts received
responded by selecting charitable impacts through the digital interface.
responded with their own holiday/appreciation photo/video on the digital platform.
ROI. While our intent was not to get business from our Let’s Get Phygital campaign, clients have invested in similar campaigns with Brand Fuel.
A mapped out process for Brand Fuel's Charity FUEL service.

What were the outcomes?

  • Support charitable causes
  • Engage with an audience on a personal level
  • Align branded giveaways with giving back
  • Increase response rates
  • Generate valuable audience-driven content
  • Identify and recognize brand advocates
  • Enhance digital strategy
  • Cultivate community and build loyalty
  • Deliver multiple PHYGITAL Touchpoints
  • A new service, Charity FUEL, was born

This campaign was a big-time collaborative effort and the biggest shout out goes to Tola Oguntoyinbo, our creative partner. More about our campaign here.

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