You’ve been tasked with creating a culture of caring, committed and hard-working employees that actually look forward to working together.

However, your employees have the same level of enthusiasm as grumpy cat. How can you get your team away from their devices to build camaraderie and do something meaningful for the community?

People trying to grab a small parachute.


It’s time to get outdoors and invite your most valued asset, your employees, to join in some give-back to community fun! It’s time to:

  • Create invitations
  • Orchestrate food trucks
  • Bring in the midway games

And, last but not least, drop company-branded parachutes from the roof of a building to employees down below. In the exciting and competitive nature of grabbing onto these parachutes, recipients will receive branded gift cards with dollar amounts attached to each parachute. Cards will take employees to a custom website to select any of up to 130 causes where the company will donate on their behalf. Social buttons will be in place for sharing this fun give-back activity. If throwing parachutes off a roof are too risqué, try hiding the cards with a scavenger hunt!

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