Citrix targeted 1000 CTOs to share their new service to assist companies with digital security.

The campaign was called, “Shine a Light on Security.” Because CTOs are super busy and bombarded with new, and often complex, technology solutions, their digital strategy was flat. They asked if we could help get the attention of targeted CTOs by getting them to go to a website and watch a video. This video would then take interested buyers to a Citrix associate to perform a demo. The demo would help close new business.


Brand Fuel created a direct mail piece to reinforce the “Shine a Light on Security” campaign.

The idea would be clever, engaging, interactive, instagrammable and … get those CTOs to watch the video and ask for a demo. We used blacklight reactive inks on the collateral and packaging and a branded blacklight to unveil hidden messages around security on a custom package that shipped to 1000 CTOs.

Light off Light on

The Results

First 2 Weeks

video views (283 + the mailing!)
qualified leads turned into business at an average of $25,000 return per sale

Total Campaign Return

in net revenue with less than $35,000 investment

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