It is extremely hard to differentiate between a person stopping by your booth just to get the freebie gift (a.k.a. Adult Trick-Or-Treater)...

... and the person who is really a potential decision-maker who might walk right past. So, how do you get them to stop as well as qualify them?


Place a large ribbon and bow over top of your booth that match your company colors. Create two intriguing pyramid displays of wrapped packages also in your corporate colors.

“Why wrapped,” you ask? Tradeshow goers will be wondering, “What could be inside?” And, “How do I get one?” This is where curiosity and buzz factor merge. Those clandestine packages are what will stop them in their tracks. And why two unique stacks? Determine your key qualifying questions. Those who are qualified get the package with a high-end gift and a call-to-action card inside to start the business relationship. The trick-or-treaters will get the package with an item that is a smaller investment, perhaps with a call-to-action card asking for a referral that would be associated with a gift.

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