Create a gifting experience that shows appreciation for clients, but also embodies a commitment to positive impact and innovation, online and off.


The Solution

Pair a branded gift with a phygital campaign that merges local art, technology and positive impact.

Working alongside the local artist and entrepreneur Tola Oguntoyinbo, we crafted an art piece that represented our love for music and community. This piece was thoughtfully divided into 750 sections, each containing a distinct code and web link on the back.

By following these digital prompts, clients unlocked a personalized video message from Brand Fuel's founders. In their message, Robert and Danny invited Brand Fuel's clients and friends to choose a charitable cause that resonated with them. This allowed them to participate in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, and influence our year-end donations, fostering a shared purpose.

Next, clients were presented with the surprising art reveal, and were given the opportunity to send a message back to our team.

Can you envision doing something like this for your employees or customers?

The Outcome

  • Happy and engaged clients & friends
  • Meaningful eXperience through charitable giving
  • Increased sense of community
  • Multiple phygital touchpoints with our audience
  • Alignment between our brand & campaign with our commitment to positive impact and stakeholder engagement

Shout-out to our friend, Tola, for creating the art piece, and for helping us build this campaign using his video feedback platform, ShineBig. To see more of his art, go to

Learn more about our Charity Fuel phygital campaigns - a creative way to support nonprofits through branded merch - here.

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