It’s the annual company picnic, and everyone is bracing themselves for a day of obligatory fun.

The boss’s goofy Hawaiian shirt elicits a few chuckles. A handful of people play a round of volleyball. After an hour, everyone has picked over the good stuff from the potluck table – leaving that suspicious-looking potato salad – and they make small talk while silently counting the minutes until the event is over. How do you create a company picnic an event where they are not looking at their watches?


This isn’t a Dunder Mifflin beach day. Make employees want to come for a change!

Plan a smorgasbord of interactive activities that enhance connectivity with fun logo’d goodies for employees and their family. Branded water guns will make a splash (terrible pun intended). Have some treasure map printed custom bandanas with a JBL Bluetooth Speaker for the winner at the end of the treasure hunt.

Also, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to take advantage of our Swag Lottery Machine! Other ingredients: live music, good food, fresh lemonade, boss dunking booth, door prizes, and/or celebrity visits. Check out our amazing Brand eXperiences for more ideas!


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