Reducing your carbon footprint is as important as providing a healthy alternative for your employees, so how can you strike that perfect balance?

Employee productivity can increase with hydration. Replacing pallets of water bottles with reusable drinkware reduces waste but it’s costly at the onset. Getting your company to zero plastic bottles is a road of trials that requires not just money, but an evolution in company culture as it relates zero tolerance for waste.


A company that has 750 employees will go through as many as 1,000 plastic water bottles each day. That’s enough to get Mother Nature breaking out in a cold sweat, so open your arms and give that great lady a hug.

Give each of your employees a reusable water bottle and watch as your costs begin to decrease dramatically. Make sure there are water coolers in all the high traffic areas of the building so that they can re-fill when they need to slake their thirst. Add your company brand to the water bottle and you have instantly become an eco-friendly organization that is good to their employees, whilst also making your company logo very visible.


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